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about DCI

DCI (Foshan) Thermal Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a leading company dedicated to the development, design, manufacturing and engineering of high quality industrial process cooling systems.

As a sister company of Dry Coolers inc USA, DCI Thermal has strong engineering team support from US through the design, production, installation and startup. Dry Coolers is the world's leading supplier of furnace cooling system with over 30 years of experience, over two thousands of our systems have been serving all kinds of furnaces for different applications in Heat Treat, Aerospace, Automotive, and Rail industry throughout over 40 counties in North Amenca, South Amenca, Europe, and Asia.

DCI Thermal will work step by step with our clients to develop customized solutions for a variety of processes, including:

  • • Quench Oil Cooling
  • • Vacuum Furnace Cooling
  • • Induction Furnace Cooling
  • • Melter and Coater Cooling
  • • Multi Furnace Central Cooling
  • • Heat Recovery System

Our expertise in the field of industrial process cooling equipment means you get reliable, efficient and proven systems which are thoroughly engineered and tested. The skid-mounted integrated system provides a compact package which allows quick field installation by just connecting water/gas/power connections. The closed loop piping with Nitrogen isolation provides 100% isolated clean water circulation in the cooling system with low oxygen, which perfectly protect the furnace from contamination, tremendously extend furnace lifetime and minimize system maintenance

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